Millenium SynthFuels Living Ethical Code and Responsibilities

"Millenium SynthFuels Corporation created a Living Code of Ethics, through which we have established our actions to be socially responsible, act legally, be good corporate citizens, and engage in ethical practices that exceeds societal expectations.” Our Corporate Social Responsibilities defines our Ethical, Legal, and Philanthropic Responsibilities. "

Ethical Responsibilities

The management of Millenium SynthFuels™ has established ethical standards and guidelines that will establish our organizational identity. In the conduct of business, all shareholders (both internal and external) as well as our stakeholders will be held to the highest positive ethical standards, with actions that continually exceed societal expectations of business practices. Our corporate culture is based on integrity and respect for all stakeholders: including customers, employees, suppliers, government, and society at large. Millenium SynthFuels Corporation will maintain high ethical standards while protecting stakeholder rights, with transparency and accountability.

Legal Responsibilities

Millenium SynthFuels Corporation will abide with all Local, State, and Federal Laws. As the environment, well being of society and our planet are of great importance, we have set standards that will meet and exceed legal responsibilities. Millenium SynthFuels™ corporate responsibility is to create positive environmental performance while providing the most viable energy solutions with our Patent Pending conversion system.

Philanthropic Responsibilities

The management of Millenium SynthFuels Corporation clearly understands the double bottom-line benefits of good corporate citizenship. Our organization will initiate and actively participate in programs that contribute positively to society and our environment, as both are as important to, and in accord with our obligation to be profitable. Millenium SynthFuels will re-invest in society and continue to enhance ecological awareness globally. Within the definition and organizational structure as a socially responsible organization, Millenium SynthFuels Corporation will provide unemployment solutions for millions out of work Americans, provide a solution for our America’s energy independence, protect the environment, act legally, and provide significant returns on investment for all stakeholders.